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Millaniya Divisional Secretariat is located in the north central part of the Kalutara district. This boundary is bounded by the Bandaragama Divisional Secretariat Division North, Horana and Madurawala Divisional Secretariats in the North East and East by Kalugang Mt Lavinia on the South Eastern and Southwest, Kaluthara Divisional Secretary's Division in the North and West and Bandaragama Divisional Secretariat Division.

This division was in the Bandaragama divisional secretariat and the Millaniya divisional secretariat was established in 1998 and this divisional secretariat area covers an extent of 7945 hectares of land with 44 divisions.

The Divisional Secretariat area was situated in the Bandaragama Pradeshiya Sabha area and the Millaniya Pradeshiya Sabha was established as a new Pradeshiya Sabha. Two sub office offices are located in Millaniya and Galpatha.

Horana, Kalutara and Bandaragama are located in the heart of the main towns of the area and there are transport facilities available to these Divisional Secretariat areas. Millaniya and Galpatha have been settled in most of the cities and the rest are rural.


In the ancient times, it was composed of large mills and this area was called Milla Aniya. Later it was Milla Deniya who used Milleniya as the area for its convenience. It was also named Milleniya. The Galpatha Junction in this area has become a main cargo transfer center in the past. At that time, this place has always been a major trading center for people and there are special and elegant architectural features. Although there is a dilapidated level at that time, there is a very high level of development of the area. But nowadays this area is still underdeveloped.

Millaniya Divisional Secretariat is a rural area belonging to the Raigam Koralaya in the past. The Raigam Koralaya was governed by the king of Kotte era Raigam Bandara.

There were several tanks in this aera, among them are the water reservoirs such as the Reemune Wewa, Petigamuwa Wewa, Weniwalapitiya Wewa and Udadeniya Wewa. These tanks have been destroyed with the commencement of the colonial aera. In the Portuguese period, Edirile Rala is the place where the Portuguese were crowned. During this aera, the Canal was cut out of the Kalu ganga to Panadura. Tea and rubber cultivation have been started in this area with English control, while NewChatte Estate and Millaniya Estate are already estates with rubber estates. During this time, ports were built around Millaniya for cargo transportation. Today it is also known as the Miletree Harvest. A paramilted parachute has been used to transport an army tank in the Paragastota area. Soldiers camps started in this area during the same period. It was mentioned that the graphite industry was located at Batagoda, in Padeniya, Pampola.

In the aftermath of independence, plantation control was handed over to companies. Tea cultivation was started and rubber cultivation commenced and destroyed protected areas around estates and resettled the people. However, due to frequent rainfall and high demand for tea, tea cultivation is rapidly spreading beyond rubber cultivation and tea cultivation is being carried out as an intercropping and home gardening. Since various industries have come to this area, the existing rural landscape has been lost and the factories are expanding to a very prosperous level and many progress has been achieved in the highway sector. This can be seen as one of the main factors for rapid expansion of factories.

Due to lack of tanks in this area, there is a need for rain water for paddy cultivation.

 Economic Background

In the discussion of the economic background of the Millaniya Divisional Secretary's Division, paddy cultivation is the main focus of the project. Coconut Tea is a rubber home gardening and animal husbandry.

Paddy cultivation is carried out in a considerable percentage of muddy lands in this area and 60% of mud land is used for paddy cultivation.
The areas with the highest number of paddy lands are Dikhena, Boralessa, Welikala. The lowest land extent in the division is situated in the Uduwara East, Uduwara West, Yatawara North, and the West. The main reason for not causing people to cultivate paddy in these areas is flood mitigation. Also, rubber cultivation in these areas can be seen in these areas and Uduvara East New Chattel estates can also be shown. However, there is a massive increase in tea production as well, and tea is cultivated as a mixed crop of small holdings and coconut cultivation.

In addition to paddy cultivation, rubber cultivation and tea cultivation can be highlighted as the main income generating source of the people in the area. The coconut cultivation is not carried out on a large scale and the production of coconut in the area is sufficient.

Apart from agriculture, small and medium scale and large scale factories are expanding in this divisional secretariat area, and at the same time, opportunities for employment are increasing.


Millaniya Divisional Secretary's division features climatic features of low country wet zone and has 2153 mm of annual rainfall and annual average temperature of 27C. March April to this division receives intermonsoon and November, January and the North East monsoon wind rains throughout the year. Kalu Ganga threatens the division with floods.


The Millaniya Divisional Secretary's Division is a large area of ​​94% of the land area with plains and 6% are separated by a hillock below 200 ft. The highest peak of the division is situated in Delgoda Grama Niladhari Division.


Role performed at DS

Name From To
Mr K.Chandrasena 1998.09.17 2002.08.12
Mr Chandraprema Gamage( Acting) 2002.08.20 2002.10.01
Mr V.K.A.Anura  2002.10.02 2005.12.08
Mr Sunil Weerasinghe 2005.12.16 2006.03.02
Mr Dammika Rajapakshe 2006.03.03 2010.08.24
Mr Wimal Gunathunga  2010.08.25 2013.01.16
Mrs I.B.Gunawardhana 2013.01.17 2017.03.01
Mrs Samanthika P Liyanage  2017.03.02  

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